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In response to the evolving landscape of academic offerings and to meet the changing needs of aspiring scholars, we are pleased to present the Bachelor of Science in Political Science – 5th Semester program. This innovative two-year degree program has been introduced as a replacement for the discontinued MA Political Science, aligning with the directives outlined by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Enter Requirements

Admission Requirement: (Eligibility): 14 years of qualification

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5th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
PS: 1851 Pioneers of Political Thought (Modern) (Major Course) 3
PS: 1852 Introduction to Public Administration (Major Course) 3
PS: 1853 Muslim Political Thought (Modern) (Major Course) 3
PS: 1854 Political Development in Pakistan  (Elective) 3
PS: 1855 Politics of South East Asia (Elective) 3
PS: 1856 Introduction to Religion and Politics (Elective)) 3
PS: 1857 Introduction to Conflict & Peace Studies (Elective)) 3
PS: 1858 Globalization of World Politics (Elective) 3
6th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
PS: 1861 International Political Economy (Major Course) 3
PS: 1862 Public Policy Analysis (Major Course) 3
PS: 1863 Comparative Political System (Developed) (Major Course) 3
PS: 1864 Politics of Central Asia (Elective) 3
PS: 1865 Political Development in Pakistan II 1973 To date (Elective) 3
PS: 1866 Politics of South Asia (Elective) 3
PS: 1867 Diplomacy (Elective) 3
PS: 1868 Foreign Policy Analysis (Elective) 3
PS: 1869 State and Society in Middle East (Elective) 3
7th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
PS: 1871 International Political Ideologies (Major) 3
PS: 1872 International Organizations (Major) 3
PS: 1873 Comparative Political System (Developing) (Major) 3
PS: 1874 Research methodology II (Elective) 3
PS: 1875 Human Rights Theory & Practice (Elective) 3
PS: 1876 Foreign Policy of Pakistan (Elective) 3
PS: 1877 Seminar on Special Topic (Elective) 3
PS: 1878 Ethno Political Conflict in Pakistan (Elective) 3
PS: 1879 Thesis (Mandatory) 3
8th Semester
Code Course Credit Hours
PS: 1881 Comparative Politics of the Muslim World (Major) 3
PS: 1882 International Law (Major) 3
PS: 1883 Theory & Practice of Local Government (Major) 3
PS: 1884 Politics of Regional States (Africa) (Elective) 3
PS: 1885 Politics of Regional States (Latin America) (Elective) 3
PS: 1886 Genesis of Political Parties System in Pakistan (Elective) 3
PS: 1887 Political Economy of Pakistan (Elective) 3
PS: 1888 Civil Rights Movements (Elective) 3
Thesis (optional) continued 3
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