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Gomal University faculty of Allied Health Sciences

Faculty Overview

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Gomal University was established in 2021. Higher Education Commission of Pakistan issued NOC for Allied Health Sciences Programs on May 15th 2023.

The Faculty of Allied Health Sciences typically encompasses a range of academic programs and disciplines that are focused on providing essential healthcare services and support. These programs are designed to train healthcare professionals who work alongside doctors, and other medical personnel to ensure comprehensive patient care

Dean's Message

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Gomal University is a leading faculty in Health Science education. We offer undergraduate programs in Allied Health Sciences.
We provide excellent clinical education and training opportunities to the students. FAHS has well established Labs and clinics for students training in the field of Allied Health Sciences. We have highly qualified and trained staff. We welcome every eligible candidate to join FAHS, Gomal University for better health education and training.

Dean’s Name: Dr. Asif Nawaz 

Dean’s Email: asifnawaz@gu.edu.pk


Department of Physiotherapy

Department of Physiotherapy Staff Members Research & Publications Programs & Courses Introduction of Deportment The department of Physiotherapy is a specialized division within a healthcare

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